SBO NEWS Gerrard could take a swan gliding heavyweights .

Steven Gerrard, the Liverpool captain . It may take the opportunity to lift the Premier League trophy . After the main skid until Demba Ba striker Chelsea snatch to shoot before the ” Blues ” is another goal , ending the game of Pavilion sbo unbeaten winning “Reds ” to Anfield two . -0 sent to the advantage of winning in the hands of Manchester city beat Crystal Palace 2-0 Raiders to make a good adjustment to gambling . ” Blues ” is a favorite one right away.

Big Game Premier League match at Anfield on Sunday , April 27 , the Liverpool crowd was hot finish 11 consecutive shots with continuous second moment Chelsea. To win this game , so I ‘ll have to aim higher sbo host destiny to win in his fists would just win every game the rest to fulfill immediately the squad Jose Mourinho is hard to win the two rivals . a team After the first shot misses the Landmark defeated Sunderland .

Before the game, the Portuguese coach said. Will team up to play due to heavy programs European Waiting Thomas Kalamazoo defender young Czech aged 20 years , was the only unfamiliar names Mark Schwartz Sir sbo was sent to replace Peter . that break the season. Then it is a military unit on the field often.

The Brendan Rodgers , manager of the Reds not risk sending Daniel Sturridge , who recently lost a sore back on Luis Suarez ‘s Player of the Year PF people. into a single spear And the thread of twisted pairs Philip Martin Nino sbo Raheem Sterling and are supporting top form game .

The first half is very uncomfortable. The tenacity of the Family game piece made ​​Mourinho played a dominant host . Doors usually done early in the game at Anfield, the Kop is not seen in this game. Visiting team to win on the stroke of sbo Ashley Cole but Simon Smith Nino Village , also caught the manual of Martin Nino host a volley into the window. Chelsea had a penalty when Mohammed Ahmed Salah drilled to Jon Flanagan arm in the penalty area but the referee was rejected.

Games pretending to be equivalent to the first half , but then the Kop was silent the whole field Mamadou Disco ball across the field to give Gerrard the ball burst , despite trying to play , but slipped and fell as . Demba Ba was brought sbo ball single to lure targets including Nino ballet before I could stand Belgian outposts to give Chelsea the lead.

Second half Rodgers sent Sturridge down the field hoping to call the back . But almost free from stroke shot of Andrey confidence Lake captain the Reds a chance to defend but the ball hit his not through Java , browser , ending the game Suarez sbo have volleyball full. I will duck under the beam time. Aussie outposts , but also round out the possibility.

Finally, Fernando Torres , former Kop idol player has dropped the single stroke of a quarterback pressure up to host Chelsea in the total . Before generous pass the ball to Pavilion substitute another shot air into sbo closed box to Sing the Blues scored to stoke Reds still a sergeant to 2 points, while Liverpool are likely heavyweights to Man . Vice City with the goal of 8-ball .

After the game Rodger expressed frustration with the tactics of Chelsea sbo the focus is not so deep that the team lost their nest .

” Congratulations to Chelsea . They win We could not find an opening cut into it. Apparently they backed down to a very deep sbobet thai , I think today they took the bus up to two cars blocking not just one car ” .

“It’s like they have a defender and midfielder to 6 people , 3 people to stand forward. That puts the count into the goalkeeper . They set themselves up to be in the 10 ‘s throughout the 90 minutes, you can not tempt them to push up high sbo unless it be made ​​faster . It is obvious that They came here with no hope of winning. When looking to gain time, and other matters ” .

As for the error of “Stevie G”, said the Ireland captain confirmed that the midfielder will not be blamed as the cause for this sbo keep the door in the first half.

” I told Steven that he is a fantastic player for this club. And a very important part That brings us up to this point is not to blame him. He would be very disappointed But he is a great player and he will be back sbo great again. ”

Mourinho said the form s team has been fantastic. I still believe that the other two competitors sbo team a chance to win over the Blues .

“Now we can say , stating that we won the second game against a team to a championship. If Liverpool won , it was assumed we beat them both 2 shots sbo if we win the championship for the City game is the same , they are both 2 ” .

” Being one of the three points in time. We need only 1 point to finish the season with a third , it was a good season for us. And this team was developing, in many aspects sbo championship will remain a City or Liverpool anyway. So we have nothing to celebrate ” .

The team, ” the Blues ” Manchester City ‘s visit to the Crystal Palace team form the cell Selhurst Park after the outcome of the match , then the team of Manuel as Lord Green here. If a high chance of winning four matches remaining to finish successfully sbo by them to score as Liverpool if both champion and 2012 will not be comparable with the goal .

The Pacheco strike team is led from close range four minutes before Yaya Toure played a prominent goal to be positive before the end of the first half. Of stroke competition with Pacheco and Sergio Aguero finally slips into the left slot angle spinning gracefully. Sailing resulting collection is 77 points sbo from the crowd with 35 shots behind the three points , but played less than one appointment.

After the game , the company is legally bet on the British Isles. Manchester City were upgraded to one of the page up favorites by sbo Reds agreed to a two favorites . Chelsea still favorites for the chance to win a tough three. Liverpool will win regardless.

Earlier Gerrard had sent the ball back after a miss, Didier Drogba striker Chelsea snatch the ball to score a goal helps Chelsea cut Manchester United won it last year 2010 sbo to . his mistake was to affect the league championship , where he has been waiting for this life or the next 2 weeks still not known.
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