Learn to manage a cloud-featured router

Traditionally, domestic local network seemed doomed to be isolated from the rest of the world. Now, with the new routers, this picture has changed.

We have spoken before of cloud technologies applied to the management of local networks. Companies like D-Link, Asus or Linksys Cisco integrated into their models more advanced technologies that allow local network “talk” with the Internet as equals, in an easy to configure for users and an even simpler form use via apps on mobile or tablet, for example, or even from a PC, Mac or Linux computer connected to the Internet. The point is to share and use local network resources such as files, printers or computers from remote locations, as well as configure and remotely manage devices connected to the local network.

The key to a router cloud, and what differentiates them from conventional, is the availability of applications and services specifically designed to facilitate access to local network resources from any remote location where we are, with a special emphasis on the design apps for mobile devices and tablets to facilitate such access. And also we provide because it really was possible with traditional routers, although it was not easy to approach this task.

Put your local network available to your mobile

Another key to the cloud routers is the possibility of combining their connectivity out along with apps for phones and tablets that facilitate and accelerate tasks access certain features that otherwise would have to be enabled manually. AiCloud is the app for iOS and Android systems that is responsible for enabling access to the cloud created around the router Asus RT-AC66U, but before getting the most out must enable some options in the setup menu of the router itself.

Specifically, those that have to do with file management, whether they can be stored on USB drives (Disk Cloud) as shared on the computers that are on the local network, whether on computers or NAS devices connected to this by Smart Access, or storage space free Asus WebStorage with up to 5 Gbytes.

The key is, indeed, have the ability to enable and disable these options to share content and, if necessary, synchronize through Asus WebStorage service. The goal is to access the contents of our computers or storage systems home and consume in the case of audio, video and photos, and share them in an easy.

1. First the router

From the main menu of the router configuration, there is an option called AiCloud. Clicking on it takes you to the settings screen of Cloud Disk, Smart Access and Smart Sync. The first two have only two choices: turn on and off, while Smart Sync precise register with the service to configure Asus

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