ne of the areas of the house more exposed to germs is the kitchen. There are concentrated foods of all kinds, prepare meals, usually have all the cleaning of the house and also is a transit normally required of laundry before starting the washer. It is for this reason that, along with the bathroom, the kitchen must remain clean at all times.

Care should be taken not to cook in a countertop without having previously cleaned or cleaning best cutlery, plates, pans, cutting boards, pans and everything needed to prepare. Through it are essential products for cleaning the hob, and hand dishwashing machine, or cleaner.

But, what we have to look at when purchasing these products? What effect can have when they touch the skin? We stop in thoroughly cleaning tools for the kitchen to discover their properties.
Hand dishwashing

There are two types of hand dishwashing, concentrates and diluted. Typically, the concentrates are diluted more expensive than, but nevertheless more profitable, because there is less product to use and more effective cleaning crockery, according OCU and therefore last longer. In this sense, has been associated in many cases causing the foam effectiveness dishwashers … Is it an

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