How to write an opinion essay

For high school and college students, opinion essays are among the most common writing assignments. By completing these tasks, students learn to establish opinions and support them with evidence. Because the test is a subjective discipline very structured and persuasive writing is an effective tool for writers express their opinions on a variety of controversial topics ranging from global warming to abortion, gun control manner. Following simple instructions, anyone with an opinion on any subject you can make an informed opinion and persuasively.



Determine your topic. It can be any very broad topic, such as automobiles, sports, fruit or medicine.

Formula review in a thesis statement only judgment. Your thesis statement is the most important sentence in the essay. Indicates an opinion that can be argued for or against. For example, if you’re writing about the fruit, your thesis statement could be: all kinds of fruit, apples contain the highest nutritional value. This is a thesis statement, a review in one sentence.

Present your topic and thesis statement in the first paragraph of your opinion essay. The opening paragraph is commonly known as your introduction.

Conduct research to support your thesis statement. The depth of investigation depends on the length and complexity of your essay. For a simple test of a few pages, you might get away with three or four examples to support your opinion. For a longer essay, you might have 8 or 10 pieces of evidence to support your opinion.

It outlines the body of your opinion essay using your evidence. Each piece of supporting evidence must be presented in a separate paragraph.

Conducts research on opposing arguments and then refute these arguments in the body of your essay. Each opposing view should be presented in a separate paragraph. Present standpoint of an opponent and refute this view gives the reader the impression that you’ve considered all points of view. Consequently, your essay will be more persuasive opinion.

Conclude your essay by summarizing your argument. You can also provide a memorable end of a line, or you can provide the reader with additional thoughts to consider regarding your argument. If you provide additional thoughts for the reader to consider these thoughts, although not directly addressed to your essay should support your thesis implicitly.

Give your essay a catchy title. Write the title finally lets you choose the most interesting aspect of your essay to use as a title. This could be your thesis statement or some other interesting part of your essay.

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